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Belidaging is a realization of how people should reflect beef as it should be. The founder is a man with passion and excitement towards beef. He believes that beef is not merely food but it represents value and dignity to the animals that being slaughtered.

Why buy from us ? Well because We maintain constantly of all products that we carry, starting from temperature control, Ageing, packaging, inventory control mechanism, as well as varieties of cuttings that you can think of

If you cannot find it anywhere else, chances are you will find it with us.

Our little company is backed up by an established importer that has been around since 1982. Having more than 34 years of experiences in food distributions enable us to learn from the best.

Products that we carry comes from the best farms from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan, and Europe. We believe quality comes first when it comes to food.

For the best quality of foods, explore our site and you will be amazed of how FOOD IS NOT ONLY FOOD BUT FOOD BECOMES ARTICLE OF ART .

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Alexander Hansen

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Victor Laoh